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Bleed it Out

15 April
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ok so i'm snickers, yeah not my real name which is Kyra, but yeah. I got brown hair but i want it to be black, i love music and i play lacrosse. I like rock, any type, metal, alternative, emo (but not those stupid half ass posers), goth, punck, whatever. Oh and i love to snowboard, yeah, my friend forced me into getting an acout so my thingy sucks but yeah, whatever.
I'm living in Arizona right now but i'm just viewing it as a one year hiatus (sp? i can't do that whole spelling thing) because i'm going to moving back this summer, just two months! Looking forward to it!

How to make a snickers

5 parts pride

1 part silliness

1 part leadership
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add a little wisdom if desired!