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Raindrops Finale!

Yes. The last chapter. And as classic Kyra, the ending is awsome.

Hold on and buckle up, you're in for it. 


I've got another journal now....

I decided that I wanted another journal. Actually, I just wanted a diffrent screen name. I wanted Red_Sky but that's taken so I used a nother one, Florescent_Sky which is also inspired by Thrice. Cause Thrice rules.

check me out. florescent_sky

Raindrops - Part Twenty-Four

Is it sad that I'm getting bored of this story? I think the next chapter will be the last. Though I do smell a possible sequal (though it may be a while before I get up the creativity to write it).

And sorry Joyce, I stole a part of your story, although I did change it! A lot! I just got the idea from you.

I want ice-cream


Raindrops - Part Twenty-Three

Sleepy time now. Night!



Stuck in transition
That endless lay over
Between danmnation
And hevan
And the will to recover

The meaning lost in translation
Fills my hear with these lines
That ring with reverberation
And spill from my veins
Or complition

These decisions that I face
Could lead me from this fate
Or carry me further still
Untill I lose my will


Raindrops - Part Twenty-two

I've noticed a trend, my chapters are getting smaller, but none of you care do you? No, no you don't


Raindrops - Part Twenty-one

Kyra's still a little happy from the meds and she decided that it was a good day to write. Especially since she has an entire gallon of strawberry sherbert to herself.

And here we go!


I'm a little happy

I'm sick so I've been popping these really cool cough drops all day that make my throat all numb and I just read the back of it. It said to take one every two hours. I've been taking one every fifteen minutes or so and I'm guessing that because they contain 15 mg of benzocain and the "extra stength" ones contained 10 mg, that may be what's causing my mellow, care-free state of mind.

So I'm doing quizzes!!!



Raindrops - Part Twenty

Sorry about the wait but i apear to have come down with something and I've been spending way too much time sleeping. But the good news is my dad found there cool cough drop things that pretty much numb whatever they touch, it's great, I can't feel my throat or most of my mouth.

This chapter is short, sorry, but I HAD to write it (apparently), against my will, and therefore it contains bad smut (but then again isn't all smut badly written) instead of anything that would further the plot line.


Raindrops - Part Nineteen

Well.... HERE YA GO!!

and sorry, i was in San Diego for a long weekend and then I went to the movies with Alex (why did we chose a three hour long movie? WHY?!)